Picture this, your potential clients have just flown in from halfway across the world and are expecting to be blown away with the services you plan to offer them, only for things within your control at the office to go wrong. While all of your focus was on delivering the perfect pitch, you neglected the first thing they would see that would form their first impressions – your office. We will look into 4 office implementations that would be sure to give that all-important positive first impression.


1 – Ensure the office space isn’t cluttered


Limited office space does not justify having a messy office. It is not an excuse for paperwork all over the place and a messy layout. There are so many smart, compact storage options available these days that even a small investment in these can reap rewards by providing a better working environment; therefore leading to a more productive workforce. What you want to avoid is potential, or even current clients, seeing a messy working environment and thinking that the work you will be producing will be similar – unorganised and all over the place.


2 – Implement modern technological office systems to improve the workflow


There are many office systems that help improve workflow, but the challenge is to ensure they can collaborate well, don’t overlap on their uses and are simple to use. One such system that could be implemented is conference booking software. For example, Pronestor’s software has seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook, one of the most popular information manager applications on the market. This makes it easy to implement and use, as it is built to be incorporated into the application, rather than work as a stand-alone.


3 – Emphasize your brand


A well thought out office can help enhance your brand and its values. Ideally, the office should be inviting, reflect the nature of your business and be supportive of the needs of certain departments. Creative businesses for example, would consider out-of-the-box designs and layouts, while more formal businesses such as law firms would go for more no-nonsense designs and settings. Potential clients are always, and should be, critical when vetting people or businesses they work with, so as not to waste time with a bad deal.


4 – Provide refreshments


Ok, so this isn’t usually a deal breaker, and if it is then maybe it is for the best. However, it is always nice to have refreshments available when visiting clients. Having a high-end coffee machine and water cooler can really go long way to making them feel comfortable while waiting. Having an assortment of refreshments will give the impression that you are prepared for different peoples needs and requirements, therefore giving a good impression to those potential clients.


As you can see, there are a variety of improvements/alterations you could make to your office, depending on the needs of your business. It is important that you are always showing the business in the best light in order to acquire and maintain your customers, giving the best experience possible, and the office is an important part of that.