Corporate Gifts After a Mistake

Mistakes happen in business. It is not uncommon when you are trying to close a sale or trying to win over a difficult potential client to find that you have made an error either in the way you approached the sale or the way that you interacted with the client. You may have had a prospect that was almost guaranteed to become a client, and suddenly you screw something up and the individual is no longer considering using your services.

When these mistakes happen, it is not uncommon to want to send a corporate gift in order to help put your company back in a positive light. Corporate gifts are great ways to win over individuals, and if you are trying to put a potential client back on your good side – or, at the very least, reduce the chances that the company speaks poorly of you to other potential customers – you may want to send a corporate gift over to the individual you were speaking to in order to regain a positive impression. Before you send the corporate gift, however, consider the following tips.

Wait Before You Send

It is instinct to want to send the gift immediately after the mistake. But you may want to wait to send the corporate gift until after the mistake has had time to blow over. The last thing you want to do is make your gift look like a bribe to forget the problem, and if you send the gift too quickly, you risk giving that impression to the recipient.

Don’t Wait Too Long – Or if You Do, Wait Longer

At the same time, you do not want to wait too long to send the gift – giving the company you were in contact with time to find someone else. If, for example, you were dealing with a potential client every day before the mistake was made, you do not want to wait two months to send the gift. You will probably want to wait one month at most.

However, if you believe you have waited too long, consider holding back and waiting much, much longer. You may even want to give the company time to forget about your company, and then remind them of your company in the best possible way using a great corporate gift.

Expect Nothing – But Give Anyway

Finally, you will want to send the corporate gift with no expectations. Do not expect the gift to make up for your mistake. Instead, send the gift simply to help create a positive impression again. Include a message about your company and products/services, and a personal message about why you truly think it is a good fit, and let time heal any wounds. Find a great gift, make a great impression, and if good things come then they come. Do not try to hard sell your gift or send your gift with expectations of mending all wounds.

Corporate gifts are a great way to mend any issues that came up due to a mistake by your company. But make sure you give them the right way, else you may only upset the prospect further.