Corporate Gifts at Trade Shows

When it comes to promotional items, corporate gifts can span the entire spectrum. Everything from a #2 pencil to a brand new car qualifies as a corporate gift, and though your company will likely never purchase a car for a potential client or great employee, there is the option to go with pricier items (greater than $50) to promote your brand than the less expensive items that are often sold in bulk. Though there are benefits to low cost bulk items, there are also many benefits to supplying your clients with higher cost branded items as well.

Everyone has seen promotional products at trade shows. No matter what type of trade show there are almost always pens, flying discs, or other types of promotional items that are given away to anyone that comes to their booth, either because they filled out their name, spun a wheel, or simply walked up to the booth only to walk away again.

Promotional items always seem very minor, but they can bring a lot of value to your trade show, and ultimately bring that same value to your business.

Why Promotional Gifts?

Promotional gifts are a type of low cost corporate gift that doesn’t always seem as though it will help boost your business’s brand recognition, but actually has a considerable affect on your ability to get your brand and your product known.

ˇ        Gets Your Booth Noticed

People love free things. Even if your booth has nothing to offer most of the guests at the party, you can be sure that with free promotional items, you will have a big line waiting to pick one up, even if all they day is walk away afterward. When someone that is interested shows up, seeing a big, busy booth is a great way to give your business the appearance of authority.

ˇ        The More Unique the Item, the Better You Are Remembered

If your promotional item is unlike most other promotional items, you are bound to not only be noticed at the trade show, but also remembered long after. Unique promotional gifts that are both impressive and free are a great way to be remembered by everyone attending the show, whenever they have a memory of the show’s existence.

ˇ        Supports Brand Recognition

Obviously the best aspect of promotional products is brand recognition. Brand recognition is not solely about helping people understand your product. It is also about simply letting people know that your business name exists.

There is a great deal of benefit in simply getting people familiar with your brand name, even if they do not know what services or products you have to offer. Science has shown that the more someone is exposed to a brand name, the more they like the brand. Numerous psychological experiments have shown the positive benefits of familiarity, and giving away these items helps improve that familiarity.

Promotional Items Sell Your Business

The goal of promotional items is not to win over a particular sale. It is not necessarily to directly find prospects either. Promotional items are designed to sell your brand name to those that have never heard of you, and to help you leave a positive impression on all of those that cross your path.  Promotional items are a type of corporate gift that is easy to give, fun to choose, and will help expand your brand well at your next trade show or group event. Even if you do not expect to win over any business at the event, having promotional items can be a great help.