Corporate Gifts for Lost Potential Clients

During the sales process, there are going to occasionally be potential clients that you struggle to land – potential clients that have not gotten through to an adequate point of the sales process to assume it will lead to a sale. This can be due to a variety of reasons:

ˇ        You may not have been able to win them over with your pitch.

ˇ        You may not be the only one contacting them.

ˇ        You may not be welcome to try to solicit their business.

For any of these reasons, the potential client is not allowing you ample opportunity to plead your business’s case, preventing you from receiving their business. It is at this point where potential is not completely lost, because you still have a product that suits their needs, but you need the opportunity to explain to these clients WHY they need the product. One of the ways to do this is with corporate gifts.

Corporate gifts allow you to win the heart of the potential client, if not the mind. By winning over the heart of the individual, you will often be given an extended chance to show them why your product is worth their time, and while you may not ultimately lead to the sale, you will put your company in a position to win them over again in the future.

However, it is vital that you use proper etiquette when providing these gifts, otherwise you will simply alienate them further.

How to Give Corporate Gifts to Lost Clients

ˇ        No gift should be given with the assumption that you have immediately won them over and can start calling them again. It should be assumed that the gift will not win them over, and simply take being wrong as a win.

ˇ        Gifts should be a surprise, and not something you announce you are going to be giving them. You want your gift to be unexpected, so they are forced to think about you more, rather than a planned bribe.

ˇ        Gifts should not be cheap. Nothing says “I’m sending this because I have to” like a cheap pen or impersonal umbrella. Corporate gifts for lost customers should be something personalized, interesting and valuable – something that makes the recipient smile and think about you.

ˇ        All gifts should be sent with a card, and the card should only have a short message, but encourage a call to action on the part of the recipient. If the recipient is impressed, you will get the call to action. If not, you know to leave the individual alone with the knowledge that your final impression was a good one.

Good, targeted clients are never truly lost. If you have the best product to offer, your company always has the opportunity to win over their business. But to do this you need to make sure you leave a positive impression, and a great corporate gift is one of the best ways to do that.