Corporate Gifts for New Hires

Corporate gifts are often given to a variety of individuals for a variety of reasons. They may be given to a prospect that your sales staff is hoping will sign a big contract. They may be given to retiring employees to thank them for their years of service. They may be given to representatives of clients to commemorate the anniversary of their new contract. They may even be given to executives within the company to reward them for hitting a sales goal.

Though all of these are useful uses for business gifts, it is new hires that may benefit the most from receiving adequate, interesting corporate gifts from their new employers.

Benefits of Corporate Gifts for New Hires

ˇ        Building Brand Loyalty – Just like prospective clients, new hires need to be exposed to your brand in order for it to be looked upon positively. Corporate gifts are branded items, and like all branded items, the good feelings that the new hires get from receiving these items will transfer to the brand, creating brand loyalty and a willingness to put energy into the company.

ˇ        Showing Generosity – A company that can show its employees that it appreciates them is a company that has less turnover. The best time to show an employee you care about their contribution is when they are hired, and still getting a feel for your company. This helps them reduce any reservations they had about taking the job, and will make sure that they see the company as one that values their thoughts and opinions, and is happy they made the hire that they did.

ˇ        Marketing – You want all of your employees to speak highly of your brand, even when they are off work. Employees that receive great corporate gifts are going to rave about their job to anyone that asks how it is going, and those positive words may land on the ear of someone that your company may do business with in the future.

ˇ        Supplies – Finally, another benefit of corporate gifts is that you can provide employees with branded promotional items that appear to be gifts, but are in reality simply supplies that the employee will need. Branded pens, staplers, mugs etc. are items that may have originally been provided by your company, but will be seen as gifts when given to a new hire on the first day of their job.

When it comes to giving corporate gifts, anyone can be a recipient. There is a good reason to provide gifts to potential clients you are trying to court or employees that have done something that deserves reward and recognition. But do not forget about providing corporate gifts to new hires as well. New hires are like potential clients – they know little about your business, and are therefore the most impressionable. Good corporate gifts can help fill them with positive impressions, and those positive impressions can easily translate into hard work and positive words about their employer.