Corporate Jewelry Gifts

There are thousands of different types of corporate gifts available – and more if you include all of the possible items that could be purchased as corporate gifts but are not currently offered on many corporate gift websites. Yet for the vast majority of these gifts, the cost does not necessarily reflect the appearance. For example, there are awards that cost as much as $400, and though they do indeed look finely crafted, the recipient will often wonder why you did not simply purchase a reward for much less money and simply give them the remainder in cash.

Corporate jewelry, however, is different. Branded jewelry often looks more expensive than the actual costs, and the visual appearance of your logo on finely crafted pieces of jewelry and jewelry accessories makes it a great choice for your own employees and sending to other companies.

What is Corporate Jewelry?

Corporate jewelry is not like regular jewelry. You will not find any nice necklaces or bracelets. Rather, examples of corporate jewelry include:

ˇ        Belt Buckles.

ˇ        Money Clips.

ˇ        Key Rings.

ˇ        Corporate Rings.

ˇ        Cuff Links.

These are able to provide a sense of refinement that most corporate gifts are unable to provide. They are also completely customizable, which is useful for your marketing purposes. You can also create emblems that can be placed on almost every type of item, instantly transforming that item into one that portrays greater value.

When is Corporate Jewelry Used?

Corporate jewelry is most commonly used at major events and for awards. At major events, corporate jewelry is handed out at business events to corporate professionals in order to give them something of value that they will keep with them after the event is over. As awards, things like corporate rings and money clips are very commonly given to those that went above and beyond at their jobs, as these rings are engraved with the company logo and words of wisdom provided by the company.

Should Your Company Provide Corporate Jewelry?

Whether or not your company decides to use corporate jewelry is up to the preference of the company. Jewelry is often gender-specific, which is generally frowned upon with corporate jewelry, so it may not be best for everyone.

Similarly, there are other options that are available that are useful for the same purposes. You could provide rings to your employees, but you can also provide a crystal award, and it is possible that he award costs less while still providing the same feeling of reward.

But there is no denying that these corporate gifts are appreciated when they are given out by your company. Both clients and employees are appreciative of these types of jewelry because they provide something that most other gifts don’t – tangible items of value that show off wealth within the company. Though you may ultimately decide not to go with corporate jewelry, it is certainly worth checking out to see if it may meet the needs of your company.