Eco-Friendly Ideas for Corporate Gifts

Now that “Green Corporate Gifts” are all the rage, there are thousands of different types of options to choose from. For larger gifts, there are specific statues and equipment that were made in an eco-friendly manner and may be one of:

ˇ        Energy Efficient

ˇ        Natural

ˇ        Reusable/Recyclable

However, you may also want to use eco friendly gifts as your promotional products – either for a trade show or to easily hand out to individuals that could benefit from knowing your brand name. Some of these products are very interesting, and will at minimum grab the attention of those that receive them.

Interesting Green Promotional Gift Examples

  1. Kinetic Flashlight

A great item is that of the kinetic flashlight. These flashlights have the ability to sustain light for a short time simply by shaking the flashlight up and down for a short period of time. They will never run out of battery and use no energy other than the force of your own hands.

  1. Computer Energy Saving Systems – The EcoButton

Another interesting promotional gift is known as an EcoButton. The EcoButton is a little button that plugs into your USB port. It allows your computer to run at a lower energy usage than even sleep mode without shutting off, helping you to reduce the amount of energy your computer uses.

  1. Biodegradable Mugs

Everyone loves mugs. Mugs are also a great promotional tool. Mugs are an even greater promotional tool when they are made with materials that, when placed in a landfill, are 100% biodegradable. The mug will last for years, but if you do happen to throw it away, the mug will not harm the environment, making it an even more appreciated gift.

  1. Natural Pens

They can make “Plastic” out of very unique things these days. If you are going to go for something simple, like a pen, you can instead provide a pen that is made out of natural ingredients, such as “Corn Plastic” or bamboo. Either way, the pen is also biodegradable and made with natural, renewable resources. Even though pens are a common type of promotional item, very rarely will you find someone that is providing promotional pens made from renewable materials, and that will certainly help boost its reception.

  1. Recycled USB Drive

Recycled items also work very well as green items, and recycled USB drives are no exception. Made with recycled paper or milk cartons, these drives work perfectly, will withstand bumps and bruises, and can easily hold your logo without harming the environment. You also get the advantage of providing a technologically advanced item for the recipient to use at their leisure.

Overall, finding eco friendly promotional items is no longer very difficult. There are hundreds if not thousands of different products available, and they make great corporate promotional gifts for your company. Every day, new and interesting versions of these promotional items get created, so you have ample opportunity to find a unique and “Green” corporate gift for your marketing needs.