Gift Cards as a Corporate Gift

According to various research organizations, the most common “corporate gift” is a card. Intuitively this makes a great deal of sense. Cards are usually included with all larger, more expensive corporate gifts, and often cards are purchased individually to thank customers and say hello to new employees, among many other uses.

Cards make fine gifts, but they are not something you should throw around haphazardly. Though they may be inexpensive, there are several things to consider before you decide to go with cards as a corporate gift.

  1. Are You Giving Something Else?

Though it is not always necessary, a card alone does not show the type of appreciation as other types of corporate gifts. Those that receive cards may smile, but unless the message inside was particularly meaningful for the recipient, that smile will be the full extent of their reaction. It is best to pair the card with something, especially when giving one to your own  employees.

  1. Is the Card Appropriate?

Funny cards are great for friends and family, but even the most humorous of individuals should always receive a professional, nice card. The person receiving the card should always look at the company with the utmost respect, and a professional card is the only way to portray that respect.

  1. What’s Inside?

There are cards that already have a great deal of content inside – often jokes, poetry, words of wisdom, images, etc. If the content is particularly meaningful to the recipient, this is acceptable, but if possible it would be best if upper management filled the card with personal messages that the recipient will appreciate. Longer messages are fine – the more writing there is, the better the card is.

  1. Who Signs it and How Much Do They Write?

It is not uncommon for cards – especially cards for internal employees – to be passed around to a variety of executives and managers, and each one signs it, possibly with a short sentence or two. In the past this has been considered good practice, but lower level employees will feel far more appreciated if those that sign it write real messages intended directly for the recipient. If someone is simply going to sign it and pass it on, that person’s signature may not be necessary.

  1. To Increase the Impact, Give the Card for No Reason

Corporations have a tendency to only give gifts when they feel like they need to. But employees and clients are people too, and like most people they will appreciate the smaller things more when they are unexpected. A card is not the greatest “gift” compared to other gifts that are available, but if you can show employees or clients appreciation when they least suspect, you are greatly increasing the impact of the card, especially if you have personal messages of thanks or appreciation written inside.

Cards on their own are not the greatest of all corporate gifts. But they are still nice, and they are an inexpensive way to communicate in a more personal way.