How to Make Your Own Corporate Gift Basket

Corporate gift baskets make great gifts for business professionals. They contain a variety of different items – usually gourmet foods and snacks – and are large enough to truly make an impact. Corporate gift baskets are one of those “Thank You” corporate gifts that are great for employees of your organization or long term clients that you have worked with directly.

These gift baskets, however, are notoriously impersonal. You do not have a lot of choices in what you are going to place in them, because in almost all cases they come premade by companies that specialize in corporate gifts. However, if you have a little bit of time to do some small shopping, you can always make the gift basket yourself to add a personal touch.

Making the Gift Basket

Step 1: Readying the Basket

The first thing you will need to do is find a nice basket and prepare it for items. The best way to do this is to get a basket that best estimates the number of items you will be placing inside, then lining the inside of the basket with either decorative paper or a small, soft fabric.

Step 2: Including Physical Items

Food should always be at the top so that it does not get crushed. If you are planning on including any physical items into the gift basket (various corporate gifts and promotional items) you should include them first.

Step 3: Add a Bottle of Wine

No matter who you are buying for, it is always a good idea to add a bottle of wine. Everyone loves wine, or at least enjoys keeping wine on hand for guest, so a bottle of wine is a must-do for corporate gifts. Place the wine bottle in the back of the basket.

Step 4a: Find Gourmet Food

Here you are going to want to find gourmet food to place inside the basket. It is always a good idea to go with a theme. For example, if you are including many different chocolates, you should stick to chocolates and desserts. If you are going with healthy snacks, you should stick to healthy snacks. Try to find items this individual is not going to find regularly for themselves at the grocery store and, if applicable, include gourmet foods that are local for recipients that are out of state.

Step 4b: Find Personal Care Items

If you would like to go another route, you can also create a gift basket that is full of unique and interesting personal care items, such as soaps, shampoos, conditions, etc. They should also be items that are a little pricy and not found easily in most stores, so they can be more of a treat to the recipient. Do not mix soaps and foods.

Step 5: Add Homemade Items (Optional)

You also have the option of adding homemade items. Homemade cookies and treats are always delicious, but be careful of any allergies by the recipient. Homemade soaps or trinkets for the bathroom may be interesting as well, but only if you know how to make items of quality.

Arrange all of the items in an aesthetically pleasing manner and you have your corporate gift basket ready to go.