Musical Corporate Gifts

As you are looking to select your corporate gifts, one of the options that you may find is customized CDs that you can provide to your potential clients. Customized CDs are an interesting choice. On the one hand, giving someone music has a variety of benefits. But customized CDs can also be a risky choice. Here are several of the benefits and weaknesses of giving customized CDs as a corporate gift.


Music touches people in a way that nothing else can. Good music has the ability to vastly adjust moods, bring back fond memories, and make one feel warm. Since corporate gifts are designed to associate positive impressions with your brand name, these warm feelings can be a tremendous benefit. They can make your name bring out positive feelings of warmth, something that is invaluable for closing sales.

CDs are also easily customizable, and come with multiple brandable parts. The CD, the CD case, and the CD insert are all available for customization, so a single CD has multiple ways to remind someone of your company.


Unlike most corporate gifts, music has the potential to ruin your chances as well. Bad music will cause people to associate negative feelings with your company, and since everyone’s musical preference is different, you have no way of knowing in advance which preferences the recipient enjoys.

Music is also very personal to people, and as a result it can appear to be TOO personal a gift – one that crosses the line between professional and unprofessional. You never want to make your company look unprofessional to anyone, so this is a very prominent weakness.

Finally, customization options are fairly limited. Most music corporate gift companies only supply you with holiday music (Christmas music, etc.) and relaxation tapes. The relaxation tapes are fairly useful, but with Christmas music, you may be alienating those that do not celebrate the holiday.

Overall Thoughts

Though there do appear to be more weaknesses than benefits to using music as a corporate gift, it is still a fairly strong choice that can improve your standing in the eyes of the recipient companies. Music’s strength is that it is able to provide positive feelings and impressions, and these feelings will easily promote greater brand awareness and positive thoughts related to your company.

It is important that you recognize the risk that comes from providing these types of items. You can associate your company negatively, and you are limited in your choices of music (which in turn may cause you to send bad music). But relaxation CDs, and other types of music are fairly innocent, and do provide a good feelings that you want associated with your company. The multiple parts are also a plus.

Overall, music as a corporate gift is a risky move, but may be beneficial for many people. Just make sure you are careful about the music you select and who you are going to be sending it to.