Popular Corporate Gifts

Popular Ideas for Corporate Gifts

In the world of business gifts, there are some that are unexpected, some that are expected, and some that may be expected but are always appreciated. There are several types of business/corporate gifts that are always well liked, and work very well as business gifts when given to both clients and employees of your company. Some of these gifts include:

  1. USB Drives

USB drives are always useful. As a way of easily saving files and transporting them to any computer, they have a great deal of uses but have shown themselves to be one of those items that few people like to buy for themselves. As such, they make a great business gift, and because they are used so often by those that receive them, a branded USB card is a constant reminder of your company, long after you have sent the gift over. In addition, so many companies now brand USB cards that you can easily find a good deal for your company and provide a low cost branded corporate gift that will make a positive impression on its recipient.

  1. Nice Watches

More expensive but no less impressive, it is not too hard to find watches that you can brand with your company’s logo that make a great gift. Once again, in this day and age, few people even bother to buy themselves nice watches anymore. Cell phones tell time, and while many people would enjoy owning a watch, it is one of those expenses that few people bother with. You can find quality, finely crafted watches that will easily make a positive impression at a variety of corporate gift retailers.

  1. Various Work Related Items

Work related business gifts also make good gifts, as they are extremely professional and often needed inside the workplace. These supplies (ranging from calendars and pens to briefcases and business card holders) are hard to find in the workplace as is, so purchasing them as a business gift is useful and most certainly maintains the balance of professionalism that is questionable with other types of business gifts. Also, businesses like their employees receiving these gifts, because they themselves save money on supplies, and if the company is happy, the individual that receives the gift is also happy.

  1. 4. Cards/Calendars

The most common type of gift is cards, and sometimes calendars. Almost 50% of all gifts fall under this category. Most often given to new employees (and current employees), it is not uncommon for a card to be purchased to say thanks to a new hire or thank an employee for years of service. It is also not uncommon to give cards to current and former clients simply to check in. Cards are the least costly of all corporate gifts. Calendars are not uncommon either, though these are often given to employees as both a gift and a work supply.

  1. 5. Gift Certificates

The 2nd most common business gift is the gift certificate. They are someone impersonal, but easy to find and have the ability to enhance various sales strategies. For example, sales staff can paste a gift certificate to a coffee chain on every piece of direct mail to potential clients, in order to make sure that they think highly of the company. They are also an easy way to reward employees for hard work.

  1. 6. Branded Items

Amazingly, only 26% of all gifts tend to be branded. This is unfortunate since it is well believed that branded items are considerably better for marketing purposes. Yet it makes sense in some respects due to the high amount of cards and gift certificates that are purchased. Those items are difficult to brand and often simply purchased, written and sent without ordering from a specialty branding location. Branded items are often going to be purchased from specialty corporate gift stores, so these are the types of items used by sales staff, etc.

  1. 7. Non-Permanent Items

A less common type of gift is less of an item and more of a symbol. Sometimes food baskets are purchased – these will be eaten and soon thrown away, but make a nice temporary gift. Other times chocolate is delivered, and sometimes donations are made in the name of a person or company, rather than given to an individual. Wine and liquor are also common, though not as common as food.

  1. 8. Flowers

One of the least common gifts are flowers, but they are still seen fairly regularly. Flowers are nice because they are attractive, have a nice scent, and can be arranged in multiple ways. They do not make a great gift for everyone because they are sometimes too personal and do tend to die, but they still are a commonly seen business gift.

Business Gifts For Employees of Clients

Whether you are purchasing a business gift for an employee of your own company, a client, or a potential client, there are certain gifts that work very well with little risk and certain gifts that work less well or contain more risk. If you are looking for good ideas for corporate gifts, the above 3 represent examples of some of the best available corporate gifts that are both low risk and useful for anyone that receives them. Though you may want to try something more unique and original, you cannot go wrong with one of the above three gift examples. They are simply some of the best types of corporate gifts currently available.