The “Power of Multiples” With Corporate Gifts

Corporate gift giving is not the same as in person, personal gift giving. There are certain rules you must abide by, ensuring that what you get is appropriate and appreciated. Inside jokes are less common and almost all corporate gifts – even those that are provided to people that work within the company – tend to have a branded logo on it in order to encourage greater business and brand recognition.

But though these gifts may be different, there are also some similarities. For example, much like with personal gift giving, corporate gifts are best given when someone least suspects them. Much like a gift for a lover or companion, a gift that one does not expect is the best way to show someone you care about them.

There are other similarities between the two as well. For example, the more you are willing to spend, the more likely you are to make a positive impression. Though there are always cases where this is not true, in general a cheap gift is less appreciated than one that is valuable, unless a considerable amount of thought went into the present.

One final similarity occurs with a little known way of increasing the impact of the gift. It is the power of multiples, and it is something that is extremely effective in both personal gifts and corporate gifts, though rarely known or used in either scenarios.

What is the Power of Multiples?

When someone opens a present and receives a gift, their initial reaction is their only reaction. Receiving an interesting gift in the mail allows them to feel thanks, but not much else. Single gifts allow for positive feelings, but people rarely dwell on those positive feelings.

But human beings have an affinity for quantity. If you pair a great gift with a lesser but no less interesting second gift, it immediately makes the first gift look much better, and extends the good feelings of the gifts for much, much longer.

This is true in business gifts as well as personal gifts. If you provide a 2nd gift with the first gift – even if it is of significantly less value and possibly even less use – the first, more expensive, greater gift tends to be appreciated for far longer, vastly improving the impact of the gift.

What Are These Multiples and How Many?

All you need is one additional gift to create a greater impact. The marginal value of 3, 4 or five gifts instead of simply one additional gift is slim and not worth the ROI. But getting a second gift is extremely valuable, and something you should strongly consider with your corporate gifts giving practices.

What you choose as the second gift is less important. It does not need to be nearly as expensive, but it should still be professional. Best practices are something very useful or something fun that does not need to make as positive of impression as the first gift. Useful and fun make the individual happy, while the expensive gift makes the individual feel impressed and appreciated. Combining these two types of emotions will instantly improve the effectiveness of the gift.