Supplementary Corporate Gifts

Within both personal and corporate gift giving, it is a good (though very rare) practice to give two gifts instead of one. Supplying a second gift to complement the first gift is a great way to improve the impression that your initial, more expensive gift portrays and can extend the effect of your brand while also increasing the impact of the gift.

Few companies provide two corporate gifts together, but it is a process that is generally inexpensive and, provided the practice does not grow, it has the potential to make an even greater impact because it will be seen by most recipients as original and unexpected.

What Makes a Good Supplementary Gift?

It is assumed that the initial business gift is something somewhat costly. At minimum $50 with no maximum; something that shows that the business spent money. In these cases, the supplementary gift does not need to be very expensive. In fact, it can be some of the least expensive gifts available. Gifts should fall under one of two categories.

  1. Fun
  2. Practical

In most cases the initial gift is not very practical but still very impressive – for example, a crystal statue or glass globe. Providing a fun and/or practical gift with that type of gift is especially useful. But in reality, even if you are supplying something very useful already (such as a branded handbag), a fun or practical supplementary gift is still just as effective. Examples of such gifts include:

ˇ        Branded Games

A variety of companies now create branded games. Examples include a branded Magic 8 Ball, branded poker chips, branded puzzles and more. The cost of these types of gifts is very low – most of these are less than $10, and can be purchased in bulk if necessary. In addition, these are far more fun and unusual, and provided you find something that is appropriate for the person or company you are sending them to, you can easily find something fun that the recipient will appreciate.

ˇ        Branded Supplies

You may want to avoid something as small and easy to lose as a pen, but a branded stapler or a branded tape dispenser are both going to be examples of items that are not easily lost, used often, and remain very inexpensive overall. Branded supplies are a nice addition because they are appreciated by the company that receives the gift, since every supply they receive is one that does not need to be purchased by the company.

ˇ        Branded Mugs

A safe but no less effective example of a corporate gift that is inexpensive and effective is a mug. Everyone likes mugs, and they can be used both at home and at the office. When a mug complements a more expensive gift, the combination of the two is sure to leave a great impression.

As you can see, there are several inexpensive ways to find supplementary gifts that are fun and/or practical and be given with a more expensive gift to vastly improve the impression of the gift giver and brand.