Types of Corporate Gifts

Within the corporate gift work, you will see that everything can be considered a corporate gift. If it is provided by one company for an individual either within the company or within another company, it is a corporate gift, no matter what the gift actually is. However, if you have ever browsed corporate gift websites, you will see a number of categories in common. There are several categories of corporate gifts that permeate throughout the industry, and are known to make great gifts by your company.

Categories of Corporate Gifts

ˇ        Awards – Often made of crystal or glass, awards can be personally engraved and branded, and are designed to show recognition to employees.

ˇ        Holiday Gifts – Corporate gifts are very popular around a holidays, so a variety of holiday themed gifts exist.

ˇ        Leather Gifts – Leather gifts include branded bags, cases, etc. These are one of the more traditional gifts, and though they have lost some of their popularity in recent years they are still one of the leading types of business gifts.

ˇ        Promotional Items – These include things like pens, flying discs, water bottles and other trinkets that are designed to promote your company at a low cost but high quantity.

ˇ        Desk Items – These include some of the more well known but less practical corporate gifts. The most common are items that have globes, or impressively designed paperweights. Crystal gifts are also common in this area. Various finely crafted small clocks are commonly found here as well.

ˇ        Toys/Games – There are a variety of professional games that can be found within the corporate gift industry. Games make fun corporate gifts, and effective for marketing because they are often taken away from the office.

ˇ        Branded Technology – It is very common these days to find branded pieces of technology, such as USB drives or mp3 players. These corporate gifts are becoming all the rage, since they are both useful, fun, and professional enough to make a great impression.

ˇ        Green Items – It is also popular to give items that are good for the environment. Bags, napkins and other items made from recycled paper, for example, are low cost while showing a dedication to improving the health of the world.

ˇ        Gift Certificates – Gift certificates are another type of popular corporate gift item. They are a way of giving cash that still appears more gift like than simply handing someone money, which allows them to maintain their professionalism, especially when given to individuals at companies you are hoping to do business with.

ˇ        Food – Desserts and snacks, especially, make popular corporate gifts. They can be shared with staff, or taken home to enjoy in the recipients own free time.

ˇ        Intangible Items – It is also common, especially within corporate gifts to executives, to give more expensive gifts like tickets to an exotic location and travel to that location on a private jet. These types of gifts are less common in recent years, but still make great impressions.

Overall, most corporate gifts can be found falling under one of the above categories. Each of them is known to have items that make great impressions to prospective clients and in house employees.