Unusual Corporate Gifts

Unusual Ideas for Corporate Gifts

The world of corporate gifts is an interesting one. On the one hand, it is vital that whatever business gifts you choose be professional. If your gift is too unprofessional, you will not be able to make a positive impact or help improve your brand awareness. On the other hand, you want to find corporate gifts that are unique, because a corporate gift that has been seen several times is going to make no impact at all, and will likely be scoffed at.

To get around this, corporate gift manufacturers have tried very hard to create gifts that manage to be both unique and professional. And sometimes they come up with viable solutions – but odd solutions nonetheless. Here are some examples of unusual (but perfectly acceptable) corporate gifts.

  1. Combination USB Port and Air Purifier

One of the more interesting corporate gifts is a combination USB Port and personal air purifier. It can easily be branded, with a small little space in the center for placing your brand image. The ionic purifier hooks up to your USB drive on your computer or laptop, purifying the air around your computer. In addition, it contains 4 USB ports, so even those that do not require the purification can benefit from the increased number of USB ports that this nifty gadget provides.

  1. Mini Putter Set

There is a common stereotype in the business world that executives love golf. Whether this is true or false, the mini putter set still makes a great gift for even the least athletic executive. The mini-putter set is a desktop putter. It provides a miniaturized putter, a metal “hole” and a tiny golf ball. The recipient is able to set up their course and try to the golf ball in the hole, playing exclusively on their desk. These sets also come in small cases that allow the individual to hide it during important meetings.

  1. Decision Makers

Only in the corporate world could “decision makers” be a great business gift, but they exist and are actually growing in popularity. Decision makers have a small circle with a variety of answers. The individual spins the wheel and the spinner lands on an answer. Decision makers also come in both business-like forms, such as a large “#1,” or more fun forms, like a mini dart board. If the recipient ever needs that extra push to make a decision, the decision maker is there to help.

  1. 4. Color Changing Ball

There are a few companies online that sell a color changing ball that is brand new to the world of promotional items. Someone tosses the ball into the air, and while in the air the ball shifts and changes from black to white. Toss the ball again, and the ball shifts again. It is a neat little gift that is very inexpensive yet unique enough to impress anyone that receives it.

  1. 5. Magic 8 Ball

Though the exact term cannot be used, you will find several companies selling “answer balls” that have a brand name on them and can be used much in the same way the Magic 8 Balls of old are used, with answers like “Yes,” “Definitely,” and the classic “Ask Again Later.” Often times these are even less expensive than the original “answer balls” making them both a fun and great gift.

  1. 6. Little Man Headphone Wrappers

Today, men and women of all ages bring their mp3 players and CD players to work. One of the more interesting promotional gifts is a little cartoon man whose body is designed to have you wrap your headphones around him, allowing them to be easily carried with you. The body of the man is cute, the promotional item is cheap, and it is unique enough to make an impact.

  1. 7. Keychain Stress Balls

The “stress ball” has been used for a long time and is no longer as impressive. But a keychain stress ball is more practical, generally has an interesting design (rather than simply being a ball), and is a nice twist on two generally boring promotional items of the past.

  1. 8. Custom Bobble Heads

Who doesn’t like receiving a bobble head? There are companies that will allow you to make real, molded, customizable bobble heads that you can easily give away to anyone that may like your brand. These bobble heads make a great impression, and though they can be a little pricier, they are still a great unique promotional item

Unique and interesting corporate gifts make the best types of corporate gifts. They are items that the individual is unlikely to purchase for themselves, they have the ability to make an impression on the recipient, and they are unusual enough to be noticed – and since brand recognition is all about getting noticed, the ability to find both unusual (though still professional) corporate gifts is important. Never go the old fashioned route with business gift giving. Find something unique like the items listed above, and you will find that the gift is easily able to meet your needs.